Unlock the Fascinating World of O2O

Paying with your phone is no longer a futuristic possibility, it’s happening in the here and now, and WECONNECT is pioneering the movement with a little feature we call O2O.

Online to offline, or otherwise known as O2O, is an innovate feature on our app that allows you to buy everything you need both online and in-store.

Painting the O2O picture, imagine a day in the life of WECONNECT user, Samantha. A mother of four, a passionate painter, and a full-time chef, Samantha is a busy woman to say the least. From grocery shopping to picking up her kids from school, she has a thousand things to cross off her checklist and simply not enough hours in a day. Despite the weight of the task ahead, she crawls out of bed at 6:00 a.m. to brace what will surely be a long and exhausting day.

First things first, coffee. After dropping off her children at school, Samantha pops by her favourite local coffee shop for a fresh jolt of caffeine and a bit of breakfast. She’s on a tight schedule and hasn’t had time to grab cash from the bank, but luckily, she’s just transferred 2,000V to her WECONNECT account. In between polite conversation with Sheena, the barista, she quickly pays for her morning coffee and nasi lamak using V.

Next, it’s off to work. As she’s driving, Samantha’s conjuring up new ways to prepare fish for today’s lunch menu. She’ll need lemon grass, coconut milk, turmeric, and of course, fresh fish. Better make a quick stop at the local market!

After perusing through the aisles of fresh food, Samantha makes her way to the check-out and flashes her phone to the cashier. Seeing the WECONNECT logo on the phone-screen, the cashier assists in bagging groceries, while Samantha simultaneously completes the transaction using her phone and the WECONNECT payment processor, Scan2Pay. 

Later, Samantha has just finished dealing with a rather busy and tiresome lunch rush when she gets a call from her daughter. Apparently, her daughter forgot to tell her mom that she needs a new pair of football cleats for Friday’s game. In between sautéing onions and cutting carrots, Samantha opens the WECONNECT App and effortlessly finds her way to the shoe section. In a matter of minutes, she has a delivery confirmation for a brand-new, quality pair of cleats in her inbox. Expected to arrive later that evening, Samantha can get to preparing tomorrow’s menu, instead of worrying about rushing out to a nearby mall.

After returning home from a long day at the restaurant, Samantha enjoys a bit of time with her children, and then finishes the day snuggled up next to her husband, phone in hand. But instead of texting, she’s taking some time for herself and shopping on WECONNECT. Thanks to the great deals available, and all the extra RV she’s accumulated, Samantha manages to buy a new dress, shoes, and all the accessories a girl can dream of for only 120V. She even threw in a little something for her husband.

Heading off to bed a happy WECONNECT user, Samantha is pleased with her ability to save a bit of money for her family’s future, all the while indulging her love for fashion. Consolidating your online and offline payments into one easy-to-use interface, WECONNECT gives way to O2O for all your shopping needs. Forget the world of the Jetsons, we’re in the WECONNECT world.